Monday, August 17, 2009


and the WINNER is.......

ERIKA CONLEY!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you to everyone who gave us their input.. WE hear what you are all looking for:)!! Please if you have any further suggestions.. please let us know!! We will definitely be doing more contests in the future... along with items of the week/month:) So check back often!!!!

Thank you,

Ninnie & Yaya:)


  1. Kitty cat bows!

    Melissa Niksic
    mniksic at hotmail dot com!

  2. I'm loving all your items but since I'll be having a baby girl soon I have to say the mini mums! Too cute!
    Many thanks and good luck to you both!
    Melanie Becker

  3. Very cute stuff! I like the retro dipping dots one best. My daughter would probably like the cupcake/ice cream cone ones too! Good luck in your business adventure!

  4. Your bows are adorable! I will be placing and order. Any suggestions on which type to go with for my 14 month old daughter who does not have very much hair and likes to pull bows out?

    A suggestion for new bows would be a Cubs one, though they are not performing well, it still might be cute!


    Jodie Skinner

  5. I love your hats. If only I had a little girl of my own to buy for (6 month old son). I do have nieces (ages 1 - 6 years) so will be buying for them instead.

    Mariann Madden

  6. I love the pink and brown mixes!!
    Erin Byrley

  7. I love all of your items. They are all SO cute and the epitome of "girls". I plan on buying some of this stuff, especially around Christmas.
    For the clips, I love the pinwheels with the accent of green (like a leaf). The mini mums are adorable and so petite!
    I love the bows...they will be cute on my daughter once she is a little older and has hair!
    I LOVE the hats, especially the ones with the double flower on it. One of them made me think of the "Red hat society". I know I'm not old enough for that yet, but I thought it would be adorable to have a red hat with the purple flower, anyway! :)
    Good Luck!
    Michelle Runkle

  8. I would like to see more polka dots. I think these bows are too cute and wish that I had a little girl to buy them for. I don't think bows will fly with Jackson or my husband, even though I've been tempted.

    I might want a hat for Jackson for the winter. How do I order?

    jennifer foley

  9. I posted before but it's not on here now. I love the grown up flower clips and looking forward to more!
    Jenny Staniak

  10. I love the those come in adult sizes?? How about some ribbons with stripes? Very exciting stuff on here.
    Carissa Thommes