Monday, February 22, 2010

All hand painted letter pricing is as follows:

1 letter $15 each

2-4 letter's $12 each

4 and up $10 each

Choose your colors

Choose a Font (I have specified which ones
would look good for a boy by the name Brian Michael)

Large bow/ headband holder plaque (with diamond pattern)
$25 - $30

Princess crown bow holder

Large plaque (polka dot print)
$25 - $30
Custom order done based on daughters bedding in picture


Polka dots

Horizontal stripe


Flower cutout (Argyle print)
$25 - $30

Double color polka dots

Angled stripe

Mini bow/headband holders
$7 each

Butterfly Bow/headband holder


Double color polka dots, horizontal stripes and vertical stripes

Medium plaque
$25 - $30

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